Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Bernardas Marčiukonis

Born 1952 May 25 in Lazdijai district in Burakavas village.
In 1970, graduated from Sederary High School.
In 1975, Graduated from Kaunas Antanas Sniečkus Polytechnic Institute (now Kaunas University of Technology) and obtained the qualification of an electrician.
1975-1978 – Chief of Vilkaviškis Canned Food Factory energetic.
1978-1984 – Chief engineer.
1984-1992 – Director of Vilkaviškis Canned Food Factory.
1992-2000 – Director of Litimpeks Bank branch.
2000-2001 – Production Director of Marijampolės Grūdai AB.
2001-2003 – UAB Samsonas store manager.
2003-2013 – Director of UAB Vilkaviškio vandenys.
Since 2013 December. until 2015 April He was the Director of Vilkaviškis District Municipality Administration.
As of 2019 April 12 Deputy Mayor of Vilkaviškis district municipality.

Since 2005 – Member of Vilkaviškis district branch of Lithuanian Peasants and Greens Union party.

Married, wife Aldona – retired, son Dainius – married, lives and works abroad.

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