Advisor to the Mayor

Advisor to the Mayor Kazys Kiaulakis

Advisor to the Mayor

Kazys Kiaulakis

Kazys Kiaulakis (born July 5, 1959 in Girininkai, Klaipėda district) is a political and public figure in Lithuania and Vilkaviškis district municipality.
1966-1970 studied at Girininkai Elementary School, 1970-1974 Vėžaičiai eight-year school, 1974-1977. Gargždai Secondary School No. 2 (currently Gargždai Kranto Basic School).
1982 Graduated from Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute (now Vilnius Gediminas Technical University), specialized in industrial – civil engineering, and acquired the profession of civil engineer.
1982-1984 – Master of the Vilkaviškis Construction Board of the Alytus Construction Trust, 1984-1987 – foreman, chief. foreman, 1987-1992. – Chief of Vilkaviškis Construction Board, 1992–2011. – Vilkasta UAB CEO and Chairman of the Board, 2011-2013 – Advisor to the CEO of Vilkasta UAB, Chairman of the Board.
Since 2013 December. Day 3 until 2019 April – Deputy Mayor of Vilkaviškis District Municipality.
As of October 1, 2019. – Advisor to the Mayor of Vilkaviškis district municipality.
Since 2001 March 9 Member of the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party.
1995-1997, 1997-2000, 2000-2003, 2003-2007, 2007-2011, 2011-2015 and 2015 Member of Vilkaviškis district municipality council. He has served as chair or member of the Committee on Construction, Architecture, Spatial Planning and Local Economy for the full term. Since 2013 Chairman of the Administrative Commission under the Vilkaviškis District Municipal Council, Deputy Chairman of the Vilkaviškis District Strategic Planning Commission, member of the Development and Economic Development Committee.
Social activities: The initiator of the Rotary Club in Vilkaviškis, the first president of the club.
Hobbies – hunting, nature.
Spouse – Rūta, children – Artūras and Arvydas.

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