About the Mayor

Mayor of Vilkaviškis district municipality Algirdas Neiberka

Algirdas Neiberka was born in 1972 June 5th in Vilkaviškis. He is an active political and public figure in Lithuania and Vilkaviškis district municipality.

Algirdas Neiberka in 2001 graduated from the Lithuanian University of Agriculture, specializing in environmental engineering. Since 2000 he was an assistant to Algirdas Butkevičius, Member of the Seimas. Since 1998 – Member of Vilkaviškis district branch of Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, 2001 – Member of the Board, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, since 2011 – the section president. 2003, 2004-2007, 2007-2011 and since 2011 – Member of Vilkaviškis district municipality council. Algirdas Neiberka is also a member of the Joint Council of Vištytis Regional Park; Member of Marijampolė Regional Development Council; Member of the Board of the Association of Lithuanian Municipalities and Chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee.

In 2013 December 3, Algirdas Neiberka was elected Mayor of Vilkaviškis district municipality.

In 2015 March 1, Algirdas Neiberka was elected mayor of Vilkaviškis district municipality in the first direct elections of municipal mayors held in Lithuania for the first time.

Spouse – Aušra, children – Rokas and Ainė.

Hobbies – sports, active recreation in nature.

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