Deputy Director of Administration

Deputy Director of Administration Daiva Riklienė

Deputy Director of Administration implements laws of the Republic of Lithuania, resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and decisions of the Municipality Council on issues within his competence, assists the Director of Administration in organizing and controlling the work of Vilkaviškis District Municipality Administration.
Daiva Riklienė
Deputy Director of Administration

Daiva Riklienė

Daiva Riklienė was born in 1968 March 25, in Vilkaviškis.

Work. As of 2016 December 28th Deputy Director of Administration of Vilkaviškis district municipality.

Education. 1992 Kaunas University of Technology, Master’s degree in Engineering, 1991 Qualified engineer technologist at Kaunas University of Technology, 1979 – 1986. Salomėja Nėris Secondary School, Vilkaviškis district, 1975 – 1979. Vilkaviškis eight-year school.

Work experience. As of 2015 September 8 until 2016 December 27 Head of Investment, Strategic Planning and Local Economy Department of Vilkaviškis district municipality Administration. As of 2015 January 8th until 2015 February 27th Project Evaluator of Vilkaviškis Region Local Action Group. Since 2009 September 1 until 2014 December 31. Administrator of the Vilkaviškis Region Local Action Group. Since 2008 April 17 until 2015 September 7 Director of Vilkaviškis Tourism and Business Information Center. Since 2007 July 1 until 2008 April 16 UAB Konsultus Project Manager. Since 2006 March 1 until 2007 January 30th Administrator of the Business Centers Association. Since 2004 October 4th until 2007 June 30 Tourism Manager of Vilkaviškis Tourism and Business Information Center. Since 1997 September 15 until 2001 October 3 Master of Vilkaviškis AB Žemkalnija.

Social skills and competences. As of 2017 Lithuanian-Russian Cross Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020 Member of the Joint Supervisory Committee. As of 2015 Member of Vilkaviškis District Rotary Club Council. As of 2015 I am a member of the Board of UAB Vilkaviškio heat tinklai. As of 2015 I am the Chairman of the Board of Vilkaviškio vandenys UAB. As of 2014 I am a member of Vilkaviškis District Municipal Council of Non-governmental Organizations; chairwoman of the council. As of 2014 I am chairwoman of Vilkaviškis Town Local Action Group. Since 2013 Member of the Commission of Implementation of Youth Guarantee Initiative of Vilkaviškis Branch of Marijampolė Local Labor Exchange.

Professional skills and competences. Knowledge of European Union legislation regulating the programming and administration of the European Union Structural Funds, laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Government resolutions and other legal acts regulating structural policy formation, public budget, state institutions and economic development planning. Accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture to provide training and consultancy services under Axis 4.5 ‘Business planning and project management consulting’ and consultancy on the implementation of the ‘Leader’ approach. Issued ECDL certificate, 7 modules. Certified by the Event Manager, basic level, certificate issued by the public institution “Everything for employers”. Creativity, ability to critically evaluate theoretical and practical innovations and previous research and results of others in the relevant field, knowledge of social and commercial environment, legal and financial capabilities, skills of searching and qualified analysis of information sources, computational methods and specialized software and general ability to use information technology and the ability to present the results of his / her research clearly and correctly in written and oral form and / or product developed to different audiences of listeners.

Family. Son Tomas, daughter Dovilė.

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