About Vilkaviškis

Vilkaviškis district

Vilkaviškis district municipality is an administrative territorial unit in southwestern Lithuania, on the border with Poland and Kaliningrad Region (Russia). The center of the district is Vilkaviškis town.
Our municipality has three towns and twelve neighborhoods
Vilkaviškis is one of the oldest towns in Suduva region. According to J. Totoraitis, who wrote the history of Suduva Suvalkija, Vilkaviškis emerged as a village of Prienai Forest in the 16th century. At the beginning of the 19th century near the Kaunas-Prussia road. As the linguist Alexander Vanagas has written, “the name of the city is a suffix of the river, which is the name of the river Vilkauja. The first gender of the name of the city was “Vilkaujiškis”, later it became more convenient to pronounce “Vilkaviškis”.

„ Vilkaviškis district municipality is rich in cultural monuments, attractions related to the history of the country and literary heritage. The people in the area have something to be proud of, and we are proud of them. We make every effort to make Vilkaviškis district modern and attractive not only for residents, but also for tourists. “

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